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WARNING: Here be dragons

The Not Book of Nothing

July 12, 2018 —

Once upon never there was nobody named nothing that lived nowhere. Nothing ever happened in nowhere because it didn't exist, and even if it did, nothing and no one would be there. There is in fact so much nothing that it would be laughable how much is not there, but there is a lack of anything to even conjure a sound, let alone laughter. There could be something later to do so, but there is nothing there to allow for something to exist. There is also no author to this literacy of nothing. This is merely a coincidental arrangement of letters that somehow formed words which even less likely formed these sentences. The accomplishment that formed from this accident is unfathomable due to the fact that there is nothing in nonexistence to form anything, and as well the fact that the probability of nothing becoming something in an arrangement of readable letters to describe the sheer nothingness becoming something is so low that it is an astonishing chance of one out of nothing. Yes, a division of zero, but this is completely fine because there is no math in existence to make the idea of dividing nothing to be impossible. This concept may seem confusing, but it really shouldn't because there is nothing to exist to even be confused about. All you need to know is that there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. To give you an idea of how much nothing there is, look around at all the something you have, and think of it as nothing. Once you have that in mind, forget it immediately because that is not even close to the amount of nothing there is in this not story about nothing. In fact, your imagining of this nothing is futile because the thought of it being in your head would imply it being something you could think about, which, it is not.

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